Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Agency Cheap voyages.

If you are tired of spend your holiday at home or going always to the same place. We offer you a great opportunity for your pocket. Wouldn’t you like to spend fifteen days of your holiday in Egypt and go on a diving course in the Red Sea for a weekend or visit ancient tomb or ride on camel trip to a desert two-day? You only have to pay 100€ extra. The hotel is near to Nile River and only ten minutes to the centre of the city where you can go to the best shopping centre of Egypt. All of them, to 180€, the service included hotel + flying+ means of transport. Extra not included on the price.
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There isn't no money in your credit card.

I'm going to explain an unforgettable story which I passed the last month in Portugal.
Well, the last month my brother called me and told me that he had a baby. In this moment, I felt very happy and I decided to travel to Portugal to see the baby. As Portugal is near to Spain I thought to go by car. But, before of go to the shopping centre to buy some clothes for the baby. When I wanted to pay the shop assistant told me that there isn't enough money in my credit card, I felt embarrassed and I checked all my credit card and finally from ten clothes which I took it I only bought one.
While I went to Portugal my car was needed petrol but as there isn't enough money in my credit card I called to emergency for take my car and carry to my garage. Also the man of emergency carries me to airport where call my brother and I told him all happen it and he paid me the trip.

Saturday, 16 May 2009


In my clock was ten o´clock in the morning,and my plane take off at half past ten.
I still was in my house, because my father was sleep.
Oh my god!was very late,and at the end lost the plane.
After in the aiport we had to wait two hours for take off in the next,but unfortunatment the plan was broken down!
I think that never we went to Swizerland!(that was the place where we want go).
But finally after four eternals hours the plane take off.
In to the plane was horrible!because had very turbulences,and after I was sick!
Almost I had to returned the plane like Melendi! ;D and the land was very abrupt.
At the end, we arrived!but we losed in the streets of Zurich until the hotel!
We arrived there at half past three in the night, and we fall down in the bed like flyes!


For only 150 euros you can live the most amazing experience of your life.
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You can enjoy for only 150 euros per person in the Egyptian dessert doing a two-day camel trip to a desert oasis visit ancient tombs boat trip down the Nile and our best proposal the ballon trip!!
where you can see this beautiful and exotic country and his views.
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By:Estibaliz and Áreli.