Monday, 13 April 2009

My holidays in Glasgow

The last summer I went to visit Glasgow, and I have to say that it was a trip of the most interesting thing.

In my tour for the streets full of people, I visited many shops that I was, and bought myself many things. The shop that more I like me was in Buchanan Street, and was selling accessories of all kinds.

On the other hand, I visited an exhibition of Salvador Dalí's art and one of ancient cars. Then, I went to visit the Hunterian Museum, it´s incredible.

I could observe the Scotch landscape of the suburbs, and I must say that it´s really wonderful and green.

Finally, I visited every night a new place where to take something and meet people, and the fact that more I like me it was in the 10 Mitchell Lane.

The truth is that it was a trip that I would like to repeat some day, I was too many a few days there.

My holidays in Glasgow

The last summer I was in Glasgow. I like this city, a lot of people don´t know it but Glasgow is similar than London in some aspects.

The first week I met two girls Chiara and Anna , they are Italian, but they have lived in Glasgow since 2002 when they finished the university.

In the morning I was waitress in an important restaurant, the clients of it were very generous with the gratuities.

One evening I went to the Hunterian Museum. This is incredible. I like the Buchanan street too, this is a street with a lot of shops. I went here with Chiara and Anna, I bought a lot of things. Somethings are to you and to the rest of the family. I´m going to give you when I stay in Madrid. Other evening I saw a footbal match of the both rivalries teams of glasgow. Here the people name this "The Old Firm". I could´n saw this in the stadium because the tickets were too expensive, but I saw it in the Anna´s friends house. He has got an enormous tv. We stayed in his house fifteen person approximately. This day was very funny.

Some evenings I, Chiara and Anna went to The West End, this zone has got galleries of art, restaurants and theatres. We went more to the La parmigiana because this has got italian food and the café andaluz because this has got spanish food. We went here to amused oruselves.

I recommend visit this city to everybody.It´s wonderful.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Welcome to Madrid City Tours.

Welcome to Madrid City Tours.
In this tour you will be able to see all the historic and famous buildings of this beautifull city:
  • La Puerta del Sol where the people meet at New Year for taking the traditional 12 grapes.
  • El Retiro Park is one of the biggest parks in Madrid.
  • The Orient Palace where royals used to live in fromer times.
  • The Prado Museum you can see famous pictures such as ''Las Meninas''.
  • The Reina Sofia Museum you can see ''El Guernica''.
  • You can also visit the Almudena Cathedral and el Congreso de los diputados.

Enjoy a great fact-filled talk from our expert guide feel free to ask questions and all this for cheap prices.

  • Adult 50€
  • Children under 18 years old 25€

Just 15€ extra you can stop in luxurious shops of Serrano Street.

Ticket valid 48 hours.

Tours in English, Spanish and French.

Call and book now!

Call toll free : 901234568.

Sandra, Aroa and Kathy

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

City Tour To Tokyo in Japan

Japanese Karate Tour.

This is the perfect opportunity to mix the Japanese culture with your favorite sport.

You will have guide all the tour a bus from the Japanese airport to the castle and other bus from the castle to the airport.

In the castle has the oldest jogo and you can practise karate here with the best.

And it has the most famous Japanese brothels and the meditation rooms.

Where you know the old life of the samurais.

You can disfrut to Japanese Karate tour if you pay only 1000$ for at person.

You can reserve phoning to this number.

555-843, 555-843.

Rosa y Ester