Friday, 31 October 2008

Juliana's Story.

I´am Juliana. I´am a nurse. I´am from Italy and I went to the United States with my sister Francesca. She had lived here two years ago. The first night I went to a party with Francesca I met Justin Smith, he´s a friend of my sister. We were talking allnight. I told him that I was looking for a job and I´m nurse he told me that I coluld do an interview in the hospital where he works. In this moment I was happy and I kissed him.
The next day he told with the manager and I started to work some days later. Some jobsmates met to had lunch. We flirted and lought so much. One day we went to the cinema. Then we went to the restaurant Tutti Italia I told some things of my country I think that he was like so I tell him. Suddenly the manager call us and we went to the a room because anybody needed us. I wanted make love with him and finally we did it.
One month later he promise me. The first day we fell in love, everything was perfect but I liked have my maiden naime after married and he liked I had his surname. After that we discuted everydays. I didn´t fall in love or I thought that in this moment. We splited up. I din´t know more so him only that he went to other country.
I was sad but the manager was very pleasant with me. He fell in love me and me tells me I say him the same. We started a relationship but I didn´t love him. My life with him was perfect I was happy but one year later aproximately Justin came here we spoke and we decided that we were friends again. We met with my boyfriend, his girlfriend Francesca and others jobsmates. My sister and him promised. When they came to go on honey moon. He and me met and I knew that I falled in love. We made love. Francesca was angry with us. We talked her and finally she forgave us. The manager didn´t forgive me. One month later I knew that I was pregnanting. Francesca decided took me in a mental hospital and they brought up my baby. Everyday since the last day that I saw my baby I think him and crying because he will never know who is his true mother.

Olivia's Story.

My name is Olivia, I´m 30 years old and I´m going to tell my relationship with my exhusband Eddie.
I met Eddie in winter, 12 years ago. I stayed in a rock concert in Seattle and he was there. He fainced me, and I was watching him all the time, he saw me, and come behind me. Both liked the same group and I decided go on a date from the next day. We stayed on a bar and we spoke during 3 hours, I had too much things in common with he, and I decided to began a relationship. The first 3 years were amazing and he proposed me, evidently I said that yes and 3 months later I got married. All my life changed, we moved in together, I went to live far away of my family... Every was very strange, but I was happy. Two months later I was pregnant, but I lost my baby and all changed in my relationship, he didn´t want have more children, but I yes. My life began to be a routine and I thought that I was very young for it. I decided to separate and he was agree, now we are very good friends and I have a new boyfriend called Stone. Eddie got married again and he had a son. I am very happy with Stone, but I don´t want to rush.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

I travelled to Miami because I work.
I didn't go alone because my friends Carlota and Julieta,she travelled because they wanted meet Miami.
One ninght we went to the disco and when we was danced I saw a handsome and attractive boy.
He saw my and he moved nearer and he and I started to speak of different subjects:job,age,favourite music and grups...
I did fancy since that I saw ,but I didn't know as said him.
Then he moved nearer and he declared me.
We was fell in love and we was very happy.But he had one defect he didn't have job,and my parents didn't accept in the family.
Finally he and I had a discuss because I like married with he but he was anxious because we moved in together but I didn't like,I first like marry and then move together.
This disagreement provoked our outcome.
I was very sad for two years but finally I did overcome.