Tuesday, 19 May 2009

There isn't no money in your credit card.

I'm going to explain an unforgettable story which I passed the last month in Portugal.
Well, the last month my brother called me and told me that he had a baby. In this moment, I felt very happy and I decided to travel to Portugal to see the baby. As Portugal is near to Spain I thought to go by car. But, before of go to the shopping centre to buy some clothes for the baby. When I wanted to pay the shop assistant told me that there isn't enough money in my credit card, I felt embarrassed and I checked all my credit card and finally from ten clothes which I took it I only bought one.
While I went to Portugal my car was needed petrol but as there isn't enough money in my credit card I called to emergency for take my car and carry to my garage. Also the man of emergency carries me to airport where call my brother and I told him all happen it and he paid me the trip.

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