Thursday, 13 November 2008

Brian's Story

Last year I went to Miami because I'm a businessman and my company went to Miami. One night, I went to the disco with my friends and I met a beautiful girl. We stared at each other and I spoke to her. Her name was Julia. We went to a restaurant and we talked until late and I fell in love with her. I thought that she was fantastic and very funny.
I drove her home and we said goodbye. Next day, I phoned her and we had a date. We saw each other every day and at nights we used to go to the sea.
I didn't want to live with Julia because I like being independent and living alone. While I was going out with her, I forgot my job and now I'm on the dole. When we had been going out for one month, I met Julia's parents. They hated me because I hadn't got any job. A little time later, we had a discussion because I couldn't get married, but Julia would want to marry me.
Finally, we split up because Julia is very boring. At last, I'm free!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Leo´s story

Hi, my name is Leo Blair and I´m 32 years old. I´m a teacher of history in a high school.
Now, I tell my version´s story.
Well, I met Elaine in a Christmas ´s party five years ago. In first time, I didn´t stare her, I don´t know why but she was interested me. I perfectly remember this scene, she waas very beutiful and smiling.
By the time, we fell in love, and our life were perfect.
We travelled to the beach this year, and there I proposed Elaine get married. I remember, we made it when we were making a diving course. His face was really happy, and she was jumping happily. We stayed sometimes days there, and we met some people as William, Caitlin and.... Isi Yang, a chinese man that was really funny and friendly with my future wife.
Then, she was pregnant when we came back. We were very happy with the surprise, but nine month later, the surprise became a horrible thing. This child wasn´t look like me. No, he was look like Isi Yang.
Obviously, we splited up, but I fell in a horrible depresion.
Now we take care our child, because love his.


You´re Listening to us!

Today in You're Listening to us! we're going to talk about the best alternative rock group: System of a Down (known too as S.O.A.D.) a group that has created a personal kind of music. Some people think that this group was influenced by heavy metal, jazz fusion, folk, hard rock, psicodelic rock, funk, classic rock, blues and industrial bands.

The members of S.O.A.D. as you know are four. We´re gonna start talking about Serj Tankian, the vocalist. He's a tenor singer, composer, poet, politic activist and multi-instrumentalist and his special voice has turned System of a Down into a very special group characterised by the chances on the rythms in their songs. Here we thave an example of his voice [song: jet pilot (0:17-0:52)]
Great, don´t you think so?
Now is the turn of Daron Malankian and Shavo Odadjian, the guitarist and bassist respectively, they´ve contributed in giving a very special and dynamic sound to S.O.A.D. Here you have an example of their work with their instruments: [song: sugar(1:10-1:41)].
And finally we're going to appoint to the drummer: John Dolmayan, whose style when playing the drums has influenced a lot of drummers.

They rewained politically active, for example, they are against the war in Irak; they think that war would be over if politicians would really have wanted it. One example of their pacifist movement is Boom! videoclip, a video filmed by Michael Moore. In that video they travel all around the world, visiting a lot of different cities such as Tokyo, Los Angeles, Berlin or Madrid, among others.

Of all their albums Toxicity is the best one and their second album, where they critize issues such as some of the disorders that can make Internet, how empty is being famous if you haven't got anything else lo vacia que esta la fama sino se tiene nada mas, and talk about the consumer society we live in. [song: Toxicity (0:38-1:40)]
Their third album, containing songs from the Toxicity recording session, was released as Steal This Album! because early recordings of most of the songs had leaked out onto the Internet beforehand. There are four different designs of the album available. One version of the CD resembles a Recordable CD labeled with a felt-tip marker, and the other four feature designs by individual band members.
In 2004, the band recorded two brand new albums for release in 2005 that would be released 6 months apart from each other. They are Mesmerize and Hypnotize. Mesmerize was released in April while Hypnotize will be released approximately six months later. In early January, 2005, a new track called Cigaro was leaked onto the Internet (some say it was leaked by the band itself, considering it was leaked onto a web page which featured a 'mesmerizing' spiral and was performed by the band at their Big Day Out appearances several days after the leak) to praise from their fans.

Finally we´re going to talk about the name of the group: it was inspired in a poem by the guitarist called Victims of a Down.In a show, the famous producer Rick Rubin, an old manager of groups as Slayer and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, saw them. That year, radios featured Sugar and the spooky tension of Spiders, each a fierce baptism for listeners weaned on predictability and rote rhyme schemes.
In 1997 band was given their logo by a record company and in 1998 they recorded their first album, System of a Down, and their first single: Sugar. In May, 2006 the band told that they would have a non-definitive rest se tomarian un descanso pero que no era definitivo- the band split up XXXXXXXXX. Daron Malakian and John Dolmayan formed Scars on Brodway, releasing their debut under that same name in 2008 and Serj Tankian launched a single called Elect the Dead where he says that he hates war and he thinks that it's not fair that innocent people have to pay for a war of politicians. Here we can listen to the lyrics of that album [song: Empty walls (0:20-1:27)]

Good bye, people... We´ll be here again tomorrow at the same hour!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Justin's story

My name is Justin Smith and I'm 33 years old. I'm a doctor in the hospital Mount Sinai and I've been working in this hospital since 2000.

A month ago, I went to Sam's party. In the party, I saw my friend Francesca and I met her sister Juliana. She is a beatiful and inteligent girl. She told me, she is a nurse and she was looking for a job. I told her, the hospital needed more nurses and she could go tomorrow to do an interview and I promised her that I'd talk to the manager to recommend her. When I told it, she was very happy and she gave me thanks and she kissed me.

The next day, I talked with the manager and he acepted her.Everyday after that the job, my colleages and I met to had lunch. Meanwhile Juliana and I, always were together. We flirted and lougth so much.

One day, I invited her to go to the cinema and went to the restaurant Tutti Italia. That day, we talked and flirted so much and it was late. Suddenly, the manager called us and he told us that we should go to the hospital because they needed us. We went to the hospital. After that operate to five persons we went to the relaxed room. We felt tired and we lay down in the sofa. She began to kiss me and finally we made love.

One month later,I got engaged with her. The first days we fell in love but further on we was discuting because she sometimes didn't want to make love. Finally we splited up and we didn't know nothing us.The manager of the hospital told me, I'm going to travel to Spain to do practices and I stayed there a year.

When I arrived, I found to Juliana in the hospital and we was friend again. My colleage Sam told me that the boyfriend of Juliana was the manager. I felt angry and I flirted with Francesca the sister of Juliana and we settled down.
Francesca and I got married and when we returned to go on honeymoon, Juliana and I met and we made love. Francesca was angry with us but Juliana and I talked with her and she forgave us.

Juliana expecting a baby and she was very upset and very ill. Francesca and I decided took Juliana in a mental hospital and brought up the Juliana's baby.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nathaniel´s story

I´m Nathaniel and I´m 29 .I´ve got dark wavy and a little bit long hair and I´ve got green big eyes .I´m Italian and I live in Venecia.I´m a painter( not a good one) so I need money. That way met Kay, because money and also beacuse precious expensive cars. That night I was stolen a red Corvette and Kay catched me. She is a police-woman but what police-woman.I don´t remember at all what happened but eventually I was driving the stolen car to an art gallery to stole some famous paintings ,with her next to me ,of course.Then I saw that she was really pretty.She has got black straight long hair and blue eyes so I said if she wants to go to somewhere with me someday.I fell in love she was a little bit crazy and really lovely.We started to go steady.Three months later I proposed.We got married and settled down.I was really happy.Then someday she said me that she wanted to buy an expensive car(a Lamborghini) but I think that was an innecesary spend of money.We splited up but two weeks after we went steady again.We had a little baby, her name is Roxane but we call her Roxy. The three still together .

Monday, 3 November 2008

The Story with Alessa

I killed my ex-wife because I was really drunk, taked pills and was depressed but also because I wanted know what you feel when you kill.Then the police deposited me in a center psyquiatric and there I met Alessa she was my doctor I thought that she was the most beautiful girl that I had saw, and she was very intelillent.I fancy her and she fancy me, she knew that I was a killer but even though she loved me.Later I went out the hospital because I was better and we went to Las Vegas to marriage in a pasion's outburst.
Then I wanted to go to New Zeland because is my favourite country but she wanted to go to Swizerland for our honeymoon so we decided go to bouth countries.
Three years later we had got four children, I put two names: Michael and Brian because were my grandfather's names, they were twin.
And she put the others names Frank and Raymond the youngest.
But all changed, Alessa started to work in a new hospital in Chicago, and there the problems started, we splited up because Alessa didn't stay in house and I couldn't see her.
So that and for most problems I felt me alone and when we thought about this a long time, we decided divorced
Now I'm happy with my new couple and I has got two of my sons Michael and Brian and Alessa has got Frank and Raymond.
Finally I had published my comic call: "Umbrella academy" and I could see in the television how Alessa won the medicine's novel.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Elaine's Story

Hi! My name is elaine and I´m 28 years old.
I´m architect...well really I just studied that race...but actually I work like masseuse in a beauty center because in my point of view is a very easy work and I don´t like very much architecture.
I´ve lived in Finlad since I was born.
One day I met Leo, a great boy that became in my son´s father...well...really that is a very long story.
Leo and I met us in a party and we fell in love talking about ours prefers kinds of music and hobbies.We started a relation ship and Leo wanted to get married...I didn´t want because I thought it was very soon.We decided to take a travell and in that way meet us better.
If we got on really good, we would get married.
In Fiji islands we had really fun...the hotel was a very good place and we met a lot of people between they...the protagonist of our story: Isi-Yang.
We meet Isi-Yang, and Isi-Yang and I became in very good friends...maybe to much...

Things between Leo and I went great and one day making a diving course he proposed me to get married, when we were in the bottom of the sea showing me a ring. I thought that it was a little bit stupid but very original too.

We were in Finlad, after our great travell,when I said to Leo that I was pregnant.
He couldn´t be more happy...but I knew that in nine months he´d discovered my little secret...
Nine months later when "our" baby was born Leo adviced that the baby was the Isi-Yang´s son.

We plit up but now we raise together "our" child and we´re only friends.