Saturday, 16 May 2009


In my clock was ten o´clock in the morning,and my plane take off at half past ten.
I still was in my house, because my father was sleep.
Oh my god!was very late,and at the end lost the plane.
After in the aiport we had to wait two hours for take off in the next,but unfortunatment the plan was broken down!
I think that never we went to Swizerland!(that was the place where we want go).
But finally after four eternals hours the plane take off.
In to the plane was horrible!because had very turbulences,and after I was sick!
Almost I had to returned the plane like Melendi! ;D and the land was very abrupt.
At the end, we arrived!but we losed in the streets of Zurich until the hotel!
We arrived there at half past three in the night, and we fall down in the bed like flyes!

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