Friday, 31 October 2008

Olivia's Story.

My name is Olivia, I´m 30 years old and I´m going to tell my relationship with my exhusband Eddie.
I met Eddie in winter, 12 years ago. I stayed in a rock concert in Seattle and he was there. He fainced me, and I was watching him all the time, he saw me, and come behind me. Both liked the same group and I decided go on a date from the next day. We stayed on a bar and we spoke during 3 hours, I had too much things in common with he, and I decided to began a relationship. The first 3 years were amazing and he proposed me, evidently I said that yes and 3 months later I got married. All my life changed, we moved in together, I went to live far away of my family... Every was very strange, but I was happy. Two months later I was pregnant, but I lost my baby and all changed in my relationship, he didn´t want have more children, but I yes. My life began to be a routine and I thought that I was very young for it. I decided to separate and he was agree, now we are very good friends and I have a new boyfriend called Stone. Eddie got married again and he had a son. I am very happy with Stone, but I don´t want to rush.

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Estíbaliz Martín said...

en el ultimo parrafo queria decir son (hijo) y he puesto soon!!!!!!!! y no se modificarlo asique ya lo sabeis.