Thursday, 30 October 2008

I travelled to Miami because I work.
I didn't go alone because my friends Carlota and Julieta,she travelled because they wanted meet Miami.
One ninght we went to the disco and when we was danced I saw a handsome and attractive boy.
He saw my and he moved nearer and he and I started to speak of different subjects:job,age,favourite music and grups...
I did fancy since that I saw ,but I didn't know as said him.
Then he moved nearer and he declared me.
We was fell in love and we was very happy.But he had one defect he didn't have job,and my parents didn't accept in the family.
Finally he and I had a discuss because I like married with he but he was anxious because we moved in together but I didn't like,I first like marry and then move together.
This disagreement provoked our outcome.
I was very sad for two years but finally I did overcome.

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