Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Celebrity House Challenge VI

This launch is very big, there is a very big bookcase, and a purple sofa in the right of the room. There are candles hanging from the walls. In the left of the room there is a cage with a white owl inside. In the middle of the room there is a very big and round table made of wood. Under the table, there are many books of witchcraft. Next to the door there is a flying broom and some quidditch prizes on the cupboard, and on the shelf there is a magic wand. Who lives in a house like this?

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Rosa Guitart said...

Hey girls, My name's Rosa and I am one of your teacher's slightly older students. I'm also an English teacher in Madrid and I teach 1st and 2nd year Bachillerato, too.
I've been having a look at your blog and it's great. And you sound really well on your recordings.
But, how comes you are only girls..?
I have a 1st year technology group which is 85% male and they're driving me crazy. I might tell them to write to you if you like.
They're not bad boys but horribly noisy. I think it is because of the lack of girls.
Keep on working