Thursday, 26 March 2009

Toledo city tour.

Welcome to Toledo city tour.

This is your oportunity to enjoy a wonderful day in Toledo and visit different and interesting sites.From the three cultures that lived together in that places.

Yoy can see Greco's museum,The Valley where all the turists go.

Also there is a train in which you can see the cathedral ,The Bisagra's door and The Alcazar.You can hop on and hop of in the stops and see the interesting things for one hour.The last stop is at a big shop where the turists can buy souvenis and mazapanes and damasquinos a spanish typical food.

You can see all this at a spectacular price:

tuenty eight euros adults and fifteen euros children.

You can ride a boat in the Tajo river fot seven euros extra.

To book your travel call 925456499.

We are looking forward to seeing you.

(BY: Lidya Tabero Labrada and Diana Rubio Serrano)

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