Monday, 13 April 2009

My holidays in Glasgow

The last summer I was in Glasgow. I like this city, a lot of people don´t know it but Glasgow is similar than London in some aspects.

The first week I met two girls Chiara and Anna , they are Italian, but they have lived in Glasgow since 2002 when they finished the university.

In the morning I was waitress in an important restaurant, the clients of it were very generous with the gratuities.

One evening I went to the Hunterian Museum. This is incredible. I like the Buchanan street too, this is a street with a lot of shops. I went here with Chiara and Anna, I bought a lot of things. Somethings are to you and to the rest of the family. I´m going to give you when I stay in Madrid. Other evening I saw a footbal match of the both rivalries teams of glasgow. Here the people name this "The Old Firm". I could´n saw this in the stadium because the tickets were too expensive, but I saw it in the Anna´s friends house. He has got an enormous tv. We stayed in his house fifteen person approximately. This day was very funny.

Some evenings I, Chiara and Anna went to The West End, this zone has got galleries of art, restaurants and theatres. We went more to the La parmigiana because this has got italian food and the café andaluz because this has got spanish food. We went here to amused oruselves.

I recommend visit this city to everybody.It´s wonderful.

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