Wednesday, 13 May 2009


-Are you tired of going the same places?
-Are you bored of going to your village?
-Now you can spend your holiday in an exotic, natural and marvellous place full of adventures.
-What is this place?
-The fantastic Himalayan mountains!
-But, is it the travel very expensive?
-No, you only pay 150€.
-And If it's so cheap, won't it be very boring?
-No! you will do a climbing course, a trip to the glacers and ice caves, a market tours with local guides...
-All these things for only 150€?
-Yes, and you will do a white-water rafting trip down the river. Only for the first 1000 clients!! If you like do it you can call at 600655777.
- I'm doing it!

by Ester, Rosa y Miriam

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