Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Justin's story

My name is Justin Smith and I'm 33 years old. I'm a doctor in the hospital Mount Sinai and I've been working in this hospital since 2000.

A month ago, I went to Sam's party. In the party, I saw my friend Francesca and I met her sister Juliana. She is a beatiful and inteligent girl. She told me, she is a nurse and she was looking for a job. I told her, the hospital needed more nurses and she could go tomorrow to do an interview and I promised her that I'd talk to the manager to recommend her. When I told it, she was very happy and she gave me thanks and she kissed me.

The next day, I talked with the manager and he acepted her.Everyday after that the job, my colleages and I met to had lunch. Meanwhile Juliana and I, always were together. We flirted and lougth so much.

One day, I invited her to go to the cinema and went to the restaurant Tutti Italia. That day, we talked and flirted so much and it was late. Suddenly, the manager called us and he told us that we should go to the hospital because they needed us. We went to the hospital. After that operate to five persons we went to the relaxed room. We felt tired and we lay down in the sofa. She began to kiss me and finally we made love.

One month later,I got engaged with her. The first days we fell in love but further on we was discuting because she sometimes didn't want to make love. Finally we splited up and we didn't know nothing us.The manager of the hospital told me, I'm going to travel to Spain to do practices and I stayed there a year.

When I arrived, I found to Juliana in the hospital and we was friend again. My colleage Sam told me that the boyfriend of Juliana was the manager. I felt angry and I flirted with Francesca the sister of Juliana and we settled down.
Francesca and I got married and when we returned to go on honeymoon, Juliana and I met and we made love. Francesca was angry with us but Juliana and I talked with her and she forgave us.

Juliana expecting a baby and she was very upset and very ill. Francesca and I decided took Juliana in a mental hospital and brought up the Juliana's baby.

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