Monday, 3 November 2008

The Story with Alessa

I killed my ex-wife because I was really drunk, taked pills and was depressed but also because I wanted know what you feel when you kill.Then the police deposited me in a center psyquiatric and there I met Alessa she was my doctor I thought that she was the most beautiful girl that I had saw, and she was very intelillent.I fancy her and she fancy me, she knew that I was a killer but even though she loved me.Later I went out the hospital because I was better and we went to Las Vegas to marriage in a pasion's outburst.
Then I wanted to go to New Zeland because is my favourite country but she wanted to go to Swizerland for our honeymoon so we decided go to bouth countries.
Three years later we had got four children, I put two names: Michael and Brian because were my grandfather's names, they were twin.
And she put the others names Frank and Raymond the youngest.
But all changed, Alessa started to work in a new hospital in Chicago, and there the problems started, we splited up because Alessa didn't stay in house and I couldn't see her.
So that and for most problems I felt me alone and when we thought about this a long time, we decided divorced
Now I'm happy with my new couple and I has got two of my sons Michael and Brian and Alessa has got Frank and Raymond.
Finally I had published my comic call: "Umbrella academy" and I could see in the television how Alessa won the medicine's novel.

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