Sunday, 2 November 2008

Elaine's Story

Hi! My name is elaine and I´m 28 years old.
I´m architect...well really I just studied that race...but actually I work like masseuse in a beauty center because in my point of view is a very easy work and I don´t like very much architecture.
I´ve lived in Finlad since I was born.
One day I met Leo, a great boy that became in my son´s father...well...really that is a very long story.
Leo and I met us in a party and we fell in love talking about ours prefers kinds of music and hobbies.We started a relation ship and Leo wanted to get married...I didn´t want because I thought it was very soon.We decided to take a travell and in that way meet us better.
If we got on really good, we would get married.
In Fiji islands we had really fun...the hotel was a very good place and we met a lot of people between they...the protagonist of our story: Isi-Yang.
We meet Isi-Yang, and Isi-Yang and I became in very good friends...maybe to much...

Things between Leo and I went great and one day making a diving course he proposed me to get married, when we were in the bottom of the sea showing me a ring. I thought that it was a little bit stupid but very original too.

We were in Finlad, after our great travell,when I said to Leo that I was pregnant.
He couldn´t be more happy...but I knew that in nine months he´d discovered my little secret...
Nine months later when "our" baby was born Leo adviced that the baby was the Isi-Yang´s son.

We plit up but now we raise together "our" child and we´re only friends.

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