Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Nathaniel´s story

I´m Nathaniel and I´m 29 .I´ve got dark wavy and a little bit long hair and I´ve got green big eyes .I´m Italian and I live in Venecia.I´m a painter( not a good one) so I need money. That way met Kay, because money and also beacuse precious expensive cars. That night I was stolen a red Corvette and Kay catched me. She is a police-woman but what police-woman.I don´t remember at all what happened but eventually I was driving the stolen car to an art gallery to stole some famous paintings ,with her next to me ,of course.Then I saw that she was really pretty.She has got black straight long hair and blue eyes so I said if she wants to go to somewhere with me someday.I fell in love she was a little bit crazy and really lovely.We started to go steady.Three months later I proposed.We got married and settled down.I was really happy.Then someday she said me that she wanted to buy an expensive car(a Lamborghini) but I think that was an innecesary spend of money.We splited up but two weeks after we went steady again.We had a little baby, her name is Roxane but we call her Roxy. The three still together .

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