Friday, 7 November 2008

Leo´s story

Hi, my name is Leo Blair and I´m 32 years old. I´m a teacher of history in a high school.
Now, I tell my version´s story.
Well, I met Elaine in a Christmas ´s party five years ago. In first time, I didn´t stare her, I don´t know why but she was interested me. I perfectly remember this scene, she waas very beutiful and smiling.
By the time, we fell in love, and our life were perfect.
We travelled to the beach this year, and there I proposed Elaine get married. I remember, we made it when we were making a diving course. His face was really happy, and she was jumping happily. We stayed sometimes days there, and we met some people as William, Caitlin and.... Isi Yang, a chinese man that was really funny and friendly with my future wife.
Then, she was pregnant when we came back. We were very happy with the surprise, but nine month later, the surprise became a horrible thing. This child wasn´t look like me. No, he was look like Isi Yang.
Obviously, we splited up, but I fell in a horrible depresion.
Now we take care our child, because love his.


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