Thursday, 13 November 2008

Brian's Story

Last year I went to Miami because I'm a businessman and my company went to Miami. One night, I went to the disco with my friends and I met a beautiful girl. We stared at each other and I spoke to her. Her name was Julia. We went to a restaurant and we talked until late and I fell in love with her. I thought that she was fantastic and very funny.
I drove her home and we said goodbye. Next day, I phoned her and we had a date. We saw each other every day and at nights we used to go to the sea.
I didn't want to live with Julia because I like being independent and living alone. While I was going out with her, I forgot my job and now I'm on the dole. When we had been going out for one month, I met Julia's parents. They hated me because I hadn't got any job. A little time later, we had a discussion because I couldn't get married, but Julia would want to marry me.
Finally, we split up because Julia is very boring. At last, I'm free!

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